Children's Toys handmade in the USA. Unicorn Toys and Horse Toys for girls and boys!

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Children's Story

Banthor the Unicorn

A Full Length Children's story about the Unicorns of Unicornias. The story of our Unicorns...


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White Black Brown Pink and Purple Unicorns

Children's Toys for Girls & Boys

Many different colors!

Each Toy is Hand Made in America, Colorado.

World Unicornias

The Unicorn World of Unicornias

Unicornias is the planet from where our creatures come from. It is much like our...



Chilren's Toys and Kid's Bike Accessories Purple toy

Our Chilren's Toys are handmade in Colorado, USA. We have unicorn toys and horse toys that, depending on the model, can be used as a Children's Bike Accessory (see images), a Stick Horse (Hobby Horse), a Piggy Bank and of course a Decoration that can be hung on a wall (See Toy Types Information for more details).

Our Chilren's Toys make great friends...

for your child's creative and dramatic play. They are the perfect playmate to encourage a childs imagination and accompany your child on her or his adventures! Each toy is handmade in America. They make a great birthday, holiday or an any day surprise gift!  Our toys are beautiful enough to just "display" or fun enough to play. They come in a variety of colors and styles. We have Brown, Purple, White, Black and Pink toys each with their own style. Our unicorn toys for girls and boys AND our horse toys for girls and boys make the perfect gift!


Chilren's Toys and Kid's Bike Accessories Black toy

In traditional folklore...

the unicorn is a legendary animal that resembles a horse with a beautiful horn projecting from its forehead. The unicorn is commonly described as a woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace and its horn is said to have magical powers. Read about the World of Unicornias (Where our toys come from) or read our complete children's story Unicorns of Unicornias available at Amazon.

Once your child has a unicorn toy or horse toy attached to his or her bike they feel as if they are riding that creature! (Like a "ride on toy") Each of our unicorn and horse toys come with a back-story and special characteristics.


toys for decoration or toy

For Decoration and/or Toy

Each of our toys may be used in a variety of ways and all have the feature of being able to be hung on a wall. You can easily hang your toy as a decoration. Many customers use them just for decorations as they are so beautiful!

"Thank you for that wall-hanging addition! Our daughter has collected three now and they really add character to her room!"

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unicorn toys white
unicorn toys purple
unicorn toys brown
unicorn toys pink
unicorn toys black

Unicorn Floating in a Bubble

A Full Length Children's story!

Unicorns of Unicornias

Available at Amazon